An Overview

The United States of America had the highest visitor, tourist, international students and for businesses willing for Globalization. The USA acquires the world third largest economy in terms of Size and Population. Which makes it the most Significant and influential country as well? As it’s most technologically advanced country as well. The GDP in 2009 was 14 Trillion USD, with Per Capita Income of 47,000 USD. Expertise lies between Technology, Computing, medical, aerospace, Educational industry, and Military equipment.

Educational Exposure

Did you know the USA had the highest number of International Students in the world? Globally Renowned universities for national and International students make the USA a top choice for International students. Educational Qualifications and Degrees are highly recognized and student’s expertise is highly valued. The USA had more than 4000 educational institutes for international students which offer quality education in Every Field. 16 of American Universities are in the top 20, and 52 Universities are in the top 100. Getting an American Qualification is Key to Success.

Work Opportunities

International students had to acquire and F-1 (Non-Immigrant), or Students Visa which allows to Work Part-time on Campus. (20 Hours per Week) but not off-campus during the 1st years of their Study. Later, Authorities can Grant Permission to work, off and On campus. The minimum wage Per Hour set by the federal government in 7.35$.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Required Test Scores of, SAT, GRE, GMAT
  • Required Test Scores of TOEFL/IELTS
  • An F-1 Visa Interview
  • roof of your Financial stability

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