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An Overview

Hungry is one of the most beautiful Central European country, surrounded by Slovakia, Austria, Romania, and Croatia. It’s the home of medieval times, world heritage sites, natural wonders, and places with lakes and Mountains. Hungry had a democratic political system. The capital Budapest had wonderful weather, with millions of Liters of thermal water rises to the surface daily, Infect, this country is a natural wonder.

Hungry is a member of the EU with a low unemployment rate, it’s a member of NATO, OECD, and a V4 Schengen state. With all these Qualities Hungry was at the 20th position in the global Quality of life Index (2016), and ranked 6th as the environment protection index.

Educational Exposure

Hungry had a considerably long history of education and higher studies. The first university was established 600 years ago. Today, substantial numbers of higher education institutes are offering quality education each year hungry host almost 30 thousand international students in different departments. Competition is low, due to the high acceptance rate. Another reason is the lower cost of education for international students especially.

The official medium of instruction is English and Hungarian, while some institutes are also offering education in other languages like German and French.

Work Opportunities

Hungry as a member state of the EU holds more opportunities for professional and Part-time work opportunities for international students. Located in Central Europe it had more opportunities. International students had to work part-time to meet the cost of their education and other living expense. International students can earn 3-4 Euro Per hour. The country gives values to talent, if you had the skill then it won’t be an issue getting a Job.

  • Enrollments in Registered programs only.
  • No Objection Certificate from recent Institute.
  • Adequate Financial sustenance.
  • Overseas health insurance and others.
  • No IELTS/TOFEL is Mandatory for Securing admission.

Student Visa and Requirements

If your study program exceeds then 90-days then you need a long-term visa.

Student Life in hungry

As it’s located in Heart of Europe, international students had hundreds of things to do. Catch a chance to live in an Incredible diver’s environment with communities all over the world. Hungarian people are hard workers. International students will fall in love with this country and it had a lot more to offer. Be a part of The Legendary food and Hospitality to remember.

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