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An Overview

Austria is a historic landlocked central European country with 8.7 million inhabitants. Bordered with “The Czech Republic, Germany in North, Slovakia, and Hungry In east”. The Southern border had Italy and Slovenia. The total area is 83,878 square Kilometers and had a moderate Alpine Climate. The most beautiful landscape is covered with the Alps Mountains. The majority speaks German, accompanied with mixed languages.

Educational Exposure

Education in Austria is almost free! The Republic of Austria Enjoys free public education systems. A strong educational system makes 9 years of education mandatory. Schools, Colleges, and Universities offer Vocational, Technical educations beyond mandatory levels. Primary and Secondary Education is a state and Provincial authorities sponsored. Federal legislation makes it easier to afford high standard educational programs.

Work Opportunities

Austria had lesser International students as compared to other European destinations. Therefore, international students can obtain part-time work easily.

International students require a work permit which allows them to work Part-time during their education or the permit can be granted for three months’ holidays. An international student can earn up to 500-800 Euros a month. Few fields don’t require a permit. Students can work part-time for almost all around the year. Further information on employment services is available at (

Eligibility Criteria

TEA Consultancy will apply for your student’s visa on your behalf if you fulfill the following basic requirements

  • Enrollment in Registered programs only
  • English Language Competency
  • Adequate financial Resource to Support Yourselves
  • Overseas insurance and others.
  • A biometric Identification

Student Visa and Requirements

Non-EEU and EA member countries students who want to study in Austria requires a student visa to study in Austria.

  • C type Visa: If you Intent to take an educational program less than 90 Days Duration
  • D type Visa: if you intend to take an educational program More than 90 Days Duration

Student Life in Austria

If you plan to pursue your education in Austria, remember Majority Marks is an excellent option. The high standard of Education, Academic development programs, and Lower cost of living expenses make it a higher ranked choice among other destinations. The highest liabilities are Accommodation which lies between 200- 400 EUR/ Month. Other expenses include transport and tuition fee which are also nominal.

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