Privacy Policy


This privacy policy page explains how we protect your information that we collect from the website when you fill any online form or any other Submission. “This policy (Includes terms of Use) sets out on the basis on which we collect or information that you provide us”.

Privacy Note

The WWES is committed to ensure and protect your privacy.

  • WWES is the sole owner of confidential data and educational documents collect in hands or any other ways. We believe the privacy of our client's data is our own sole responsibilities.
  • The values and Relationship with clients are very delicate, therefore we are here to protect your personal data and documents and held our self-responsible if by mean of any sources your data is leaked or misused from our end.
  • Under no circumstances, your data will be sold or disclosed to any third party like Marketing teams, or any other user. Apart from publicizing our own services, sets in this privacy policy.
  • The following data which includes Names, Address, Phone Number, E-mails, and other can be used by WWES to inform you about business purposes including a smooth contact. We may send you an email to notify about our changing policies.

We reserve the right to amend or change the privacy policy from time to time without any prior notice. if there is any substantial change our members will be informed about the change in the Privacy policy.