Study in China


An Overview

China is the world’s largest country in terms of its population with an area of 9.6 million square kilometers. From the Himalayas in the West, The Deserts and Grasslands in the North, and tropical in the South. China had a versatile geographical location.

Educational Exposure

China is a popular international student destination due to its rich culture and long history. The Chinese education system is one of the largest education systems in the world. Each year Almost 9.5 million students take National Education Entrance Examinations. Investment in Education makes 4% of total Chinese GDP. Pakistani students can apply for Diploma’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Chinese Language Programs through scholarship each year.

Work Opportunities

International students can work in China during their educations. Students on X-Visa can work part-time according to their scheduled classes. International students who have good communication skills find teaching English, as the easiest job to get.

Eligibility Criteria

Student Visa and Requirements

X1 Visa: X1 Visa type is applicable to those who want to come to China for advanced studies, fieldwork, or for more than 6 months of duration. This includes Bachelors’s programs, Master’s Programs, and Ph.D. programs.

X2 Visa: X2 visa is applicable to those who want to study in china for a shorter period of time. The duration is less than 6 months. This might include Chinese language Programs, Student exchange programs, or short programs.

Student Life in China

China has become one of the most popular international student destinations. In 2017, More than 436,317 students from more than 180 countries studying in China either in scholarship or self-financed programs. International students can enjoy the rich history, centuries-old traditions, and can enjoy economic opportunities in the world’s biggest economy. An international student can enjoy a blend of Older civilizations equipped with modern values.

Mostly, If you are one of them, then stop worrying because International students pay a small tuition fee, including their housing, which is almost free Also. Due to the China – Pakistan Economic Corridor, more opportunities for Pakistani students are available. The Number of Fully funded scholarships is also increased for Pakistani students.

Chinese Government Scholarship Programs

Chinese Government scholarships are provided through the China Scholarship Council. These Scholarships Covers Bachelor’s, Masters’s, and Chinese language programs for the whole period of time. These scholarships usually cover around (2500-3500) RMB Monthly.

China Top Universities


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