An Overview

Australia is a vibrant place to live and Study with a young and Energetic population, Assembled with vivacious Cultures. International students find Australia an affordable Place to live due to tons of part-time working opportunities. Australian Degrees are recognized globally and equipped with the finest nurtured educational standards. Institutional and government support makes Australia a Primary choice for international students.

Educational Exposure

Australia owns World Class educational Institutes furnished with highly qualified and globally acclaimed Instructors. This makes foreign students to Choose Australian institutes for their big dreams. Naturally beautiful landscape, friendly people and cutting-edge educational infrastructure offer students a place to acquire more learning than Certificate only.

Work Opportunities

Student Visa allows you to work a maximum of 40 Hours Per fortnight (A 2 weeks Duration). International students can get unlimited work opportunities during their holidays. Also, They can work more according to their schedule. International students with Masters’s and Ph.D. enrollments can work unlimited for most of the time.

Eligibility Criteria

TEA Consultancy will apply for your student’s visa on your behalf if you fulfill the following basic requirements

  • Enrollment in Registered programs only
  • English Language Competency
  • Adequate financial Resource to Support Yourselves
  • Overseas insurance and others.
  • A biometric Identification

Student Visa and Requirements

Potential students who want to study in Australia need a student visa to carry their aims. Australian home affairs department has introduced SSVF 500 that, covers all the education levels.

Student Life in Australia

Indulge yourself in fun-loving activities! Enjoy Sunny beaches, Learn different cultures, and taste mouthwatering food from all parts of the world. Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western and northern Territories are full of Wildlife, Natural forest, and beautiful natures. A student can enjoy outdoor activities like Surfing, Cycling, hiking and can enjoy all world sports from Amateur to Expert Levels.

Students can choose from Books to Movies clubs, student societies, traveling groups, Indoor and outdoor games, Libraries, and hundreds of other activities. So, don’t miss a chance to catch all these wonders.

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